Kids Food Is Love T-Shirt


Our clothing is trying to tell it like it is. We think it’s important to consider what you put into your body, and giving yourself fresh, nutritious food is an act of love. This 80’s-inspired retro-fit t-shirt is perfect for your kid’s first day of school – a comfy, vintage-style tee that’ll show ‘em what this little foodie is made of (spoiler: it’s organic produce). 


As we all know, food is fuel.While junk food can be easy – it doesn’t give our bodies what they crave. As humans, we’re learning what feels good. We’ve ditched the Wonder Bread and frozen dinners of the olden days and have moved on to buying our produce from local farmers markets and cooking up delicious homemade meals we can share with loved ones. 


  • Tri-blend polyester, cotton, and rayon


  • This shirt is printed with environmentally-friendly water-based ink
  • Sustainably made in the Los Angeles, CA by workers who are paid fair wages
  • Shipped thoughtfully & responsibly in 100% recycled poly mailer

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