Kids Save Our Bees T-Shirt


Bees are more than just the sweet honey they produce, they are essential to our everyday life, and if we’re being honest, they deserve some respect! Especially that Queen Bee ruling the hive. We designed this tee to promote educating children about the importance of bee conservation, and to let them know that there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Did you know: one in three bites of food we eat is derived from plants pollinated by honey bees. Which means, no bees, no food, no future. And we can’t have that! This is more than just a comfy shirt, saving bees is a lifestyle.


  • Tri-blend polyester, cotton, and rayon


  • This shirt is printed with environmentally-friendly water-based ink
  • Sustainably made in the Los Angeles, CA by workers who are paid fair wages
  • Shipped thoughtfully & responsibly in 100% recycled poly mailer

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