Sustainability Ag-vocate: Bil Thorn of Sky Island Farm in Humptulips, WA

Bil Thorn of Sky Island Farm

What is the Sustainability Ag-vocate Campaign?

Public Market Good's goal with these farmer features is to offer up our platform to amplify farmers' stories. We want to celebrate and champion farmers all across the globe and make their voices heard in the conversation around climate change and sustainability.
Being "ag-vocates" to us means advocating for the representation of all farmers, growers, and ranchers. Our hope is that #SustainabilityAgvocates fosters inclusivity and recognizing diversity within the farming community.
We are pleased to feature farmer Bil Thorn as our first #SustainabilityAgvocate. Bil Thorn farms at Sky Island Farm, located in Humptulips, Washington. 
Tell us about your farm:
We are a 15-acre organic vegetable, fruit and flower farm on the Olympic Peninsula in the Rainforest. We grow intensively on 2 acres by hand. We pride ourselves on our sustainability and quality. We have a CSA, sell to chefs, stores and attend farmers markets. In the winter we make artisan wreaths and garlands.
Sky Island Farm


How did you get into farming?

I got into farming when I worked on my first organic farm, which was a vineyard. It showed me a different way to grow edible plants without the use of pesticides and herbicides. I became fascinated after that. I owe that inspiration to my former boss, David Guyer. From then on I have worked as a landscaper, tree climber, and on other organic farms. About 6 years I started my own vegetable farm!



What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a farmer?

Access to capital to make ourselves as efficient as possible is our biggest challenge. Also, the climate, farming in a rainforest has its challenges!



What are your thoughts and beliefs on farming in the face of climate change? 

I believe small farms can absolutely help stave off climate change. The carbon footprint would be drastically reduced.

What are some misconceptions you hear about farming and agriculture when it comes to climate change that you'd like to address?

That we can farm and not till the soil to do so. We are no-till and this reduces the amount of carbon that would go into the atmosphere if we were to till every time we plant. Also the misconception about the amount of food you can grow on just 1 or 2 acres!!

What future are you farming for and how do you think your farm can make a difference?

A future with increased food sustainability and less of an environmental impact.
Bil Thorn of Sky Island Farms

Bil Thorn wearing our Plant Something Tee

Where can we follow along and support you Bil?


Instagram: @skyislandfarm

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