Sustainability Ag-vocate: Jessica Evans of Evans Family Farm in Mt. Ulla, NC

Jessica Evans of Evans Family Farm in NC
Jessica Evans wearing our Support Your Local Farmer Tee
What is the Sustainability Ag-vocate Campaign?
Public Market Good's goal with these farmer features is to offer up our platform to amplify farmers' stories. We want to celebrate and champion farmers all across the globe and make their voices heard in the conversation around climate change and sustainability.

Being "ag-vocates" to us means advocating for the representation of all farmers, growers, and ranchers. Our hope is that #SustainabilityAgvocates fosters inclusivity and recognizing diversity within the farming community.
We are pleased to feature farmer Jessica Evans as our second #SustainabilityAgovcate. Jessica Evans farms at Evans Family Farm, located in Mt. Ulla, NC.
Tell us about your farm!
We are a pasture-based livestock farm selling meat direct to consumer. We produce poultry, pork, lamb, beef and eggs.
How did you get into farming?
It started as a hobby in our backyard of Southern California and grew into a larger passion and dream that inspired us to move cross country and start our farm three years ago. We are first-generation farmers and I, Jessica, run the farm full time.
Evans Family Farm

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a farmer?
Maintaining life/farm balance. Farming is a lifestyle and all-encompassing, but our family and community are top priorities too.
Evans Family Farm feature on Public Market Goods

What are your thoughts and beliefs on farming in the face of climate change?
I believe pasture-based livestock farming is a key element in carbon sequestration and regenerating farmland. I am passionate about sharing what we’ve learned about rotational grazing and grasses with other farmers in our community and give farm tours and talks often. Sharing the ecological and economical benefits of skilled grazing is one of the best ways to create change for the better.
What are some misconceptions you hear about farming and agriculture when it comes to climate change that you'd like to address?
That animal agriculture is to blame for gas emissions and soil degradation. We do a lot of customer education to show how animals can be raised, like they are on our farm, in a way that heals the land.
Evans Family Farm in Mt Ulla

What future are you farming for and how do you think your farm can make a difference?
I’m farming for the future of all of us. I believe our farm makes a difference by practicing what we preach, being a model for our community and educating current and future farmers to make small changes that will positively impact the future of farming and the land.
Where can we follow along and support Evans Family Farm?
Instagram: @EvansFamilyFarmNC

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