Sustainability Ag-vocate: Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA

Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA
Siri Lorece wearing our Support Female Farmers Tee
Tell us about your farm!

Creative Arts Farm is a Los Angeles based start-up urban family farm
fostering sustainability & self-care awareness through music, urban
farming, and yoga. Knowing where your food comes from, how to grow it,
and holistic wellness practices are some of the most undervalued and
necessary skills for an abundant life. Our mission at Creative Arts
Farm is Sowing Seeds of Wellness by sharing what we believe unites
communities worldwide - music, food, and movement. While we work
towards securing a ½ acre of urban farmland, we have converted our
front yard to serve as our urban family farm. Creative Arts Farm
offers seedlings, microgreens, handmade garden planters, bee hotels,
and trellises locally in Los Angeles. We also offer virtual Garden
Consultations, virtual Restorative Yoga, and a monthly live-streamed
music Concert Series called “Garden Grooves” - all available to
anyone, anywhere on
Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA

How did you get into farming?

I started growing food as a means of self-care and to transition to a
self-sufficient lifestyle. Prior to shifting my focus to urban farming
and holistic wellness, I toured as a singer, musician, and educator
internationally in 7 countries as well as throughout the United
States. I went 3-6 month stretches on the road and whenever I returned
home there was a challenge of work between gigs, accessible and
affordable housing, and nutritious food. When I stopped touring I
continued performing live music events, but I felt very disconnected
from my community and what I believed my calling to be. I knew my
journey wasn’t intended to be supported by singing on its own -
moreover a corporate job (that’s just not my jam), but I didn’t gain
clarity until I sat in meditation contemplating my natural and learned
talents with consideration of basic human needs at the forefront. On
the other side of that stillness, the Creative Arts Farm initiative
was born.
Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a farmer?

Los Angeles is a magnificent city and county. However, we have really
missed the mark in terms of affordable housing, sustainable nutrition,
and accessible community wellness. Land access and financial capital
are the biggest challenges I have encountered as we begin our farming
journey. There are approximately 25,000 vacant lots throughout Los
Angeles, with more than 10% of them being owned by the city. Many of
those lots have beautiful soil ready to be amended and cultivated, but
with price tags upwards of $2 Million dollars they are outside of the
reach of the communities that can benefit from them the most.
Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA

What are your thoughts and beliefs on farming in the face of climate change?

Climate change goes beyond farming - real change starts at home!
Evaluate how your immediate family and friend-circle interacts with
the Earth and one another - then consider how you are directly
impacting climate change. Can you grow more food, do you really need
that brand new outfit, can you walk or carpool instead of driving
solo? I believe some of the biggest impacts can be made with minimal
efforts when practiced on a large scale.
Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm in Los Angeles, CA
What are some misconceptions you hear about farming and agriculture
when it comes to climate change that you'd like to address?

We are stronger together. WE, as in humanity and as farmers and
growers. There are so many variables to consider when determining how
to best support our ecosystem and individual communities. Some of the
most common misconceptions I believe there are surrounding farming is
there is only one correct way to farm, grow food, and/or address
climate change. I believe proper evaluation of a community's needs and
then customizing an individualized plan on how to best serve that
community is imperative in regenerating and protecting the Earth. My
neighborhood for example is ample in fruit trees - almost every
property has 2 fruit trees. We have white grapefruit, orange, and
apple trees on our property. Access to fresh fruit isn’t an issue for
my immediate neighborhood, but there is a lack of vegetable access and
healthy protein options. Transforming our front yard into our farm
space has allowed us an educational space to address climate change
and sustainability & self-care by growing nutrient-dense foods and
interacting with our neighbors on a personal level.

What future are you farming for and how do you think your farm can
make a difference?

I am farming for future farm families! For hundreds of years
generational wealth, knowledge, and wellness has been coveted and
excluded from urban communities - specifically BIPOC communities.
Generational wealth is not something that has been inherited or passed
down in my family, so it’s important for me to change that narrative
moving forward for the sustainability & self-care of my son’s future.
Creative Arts Farm is focused on sharing education so more families
can apply cost-effective and Earth-friendly methods to live
self-sufficient lifestyles and then pass that knowledge on throughout
their families. Our goal is for families to grow more and buy less of
what they eat, and to offer holistic wellness practices to live an
overall abundant life wrapped in 24/7 sustainability & self-care.
Growing food and preparing a meal with produce you have co-created
with nature is one of the most magical and educational experiences,
and every household is deserving of that wellness. We’re excited for
continued opportunities to unify community members of diverse
abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds through urban farming,
sustainability & self-care education, yoga, and live music

Where can we follow along and support you?

Website: Creative Arts Farm
Instagram: @sirilorece @creativeartsfarm

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